Private Classes

Manifest What you Want

The majority of classes are offered in Santa Fe, NM, unless other arrangements are made. Cost for workshops varies, please contact Merlene Walker for costs and scheduling.

Vision Board Building

The purpose of a Vision Board is to help you create a visual image of what you want to attract in your life. You will be surprised to see the things on your board show up in your life – sooner or later- providing you put your intention on them and stay positive. Vision Boards are a very powerful way to use the process of visualization.  Creating a collage of pictures and word to put the exact image of what you want at attract into your life, as whatever you show on your Vision Board will become part of your reality.


Connecting with Your Creative Self

An one hour interactive presentation that allows the participants to explore their creative aspects  in their lives and in their work.  No one is without a creative spirit.  It just takes looking at it from a new and different angle to explore yours.  Merlene facilitates this exploration through the use of audience participation and interactive projects.